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Welcome to the world of Poppins

I am not a Codfish

17 February 1984
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a praire home companion, activism, adult swim, alternative energy, angel, anti-walmart, avenue q, babylon 5, band, battlestar galactica, belly dancing, bellydance, bluegrass, blues, broadway, broadway music, browncoats, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, building houses, camille claudel, card games, chai tea, chicago, christianity, civil rights, clarinet, classical music, cooking, cuddling, delta blues, democrats, dogs, driving, duct tape, egypt, equality, family guy, fantasy, feminism, figure skating, firefly, folk music, fuck starbucks, futurama, games, gay rights, geeks, global justice, god, government, habitat for humanity, harry potter, historical linguistics, history, homestar runner, howard dean, hugs, human rights, hypercorrection, idina menzel, independant film, indian food, j. michael straczynski, jazz, jekyll and hyde, jesus, jonathan larson, joss whedon, julie andrews, keith olbermann, kissing, lake of the ozarks, latin, liberal christianity, liberalism, linda eder, linguistics, lord of the rings, love, loving, m. night shyamalan, michael moore, mississippi, monty python, mountains, music, musical theater, musicals, my hammer, mythbusters, mythology, nerds, nickel creek, noam chomsky, norah jones, npr, peace, phonetics, politics, princess bride, progressives, purple, rent, road trips, robin williams, sanskrit, sapiosexuality, science fiction, scrubs, sensuality, serenity, sex, singing, social justice, spirituality, st. louis, star gate sg1, swimming, swing, swing dancing, thai food, the daily show, the ditty bops, the planets suite, the sound of music, the west wing, theatre, thoroughly modern millie, tick tick...boom!, tolkien, u2, university of illinois, urbana, vampires, vegetarianism, vegetarians, verdi, virginia, washington d.c., waterfalls, what not to wear, wicked the musical, wierd al, zombies