The Joys of Celiac

Found out the hard way this morning that King Arthur Gluten-Free pizza crust, while extremely tasty, is not actually gluten free :( Apparently i have to be more careful than I thought:

Grains are used in the processing of many ingredients, so it will be necessary to seek out hidden gluten. The following terms found in food labels may mean that there is gluten in the product.

* Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP), unless made from soy or corn
* Flour or Cereal products, unless made with pure rice flour, corn flour, potato flour or soy flour
* Vegetable Protein, unless made from soy or corn
* Malt or Malt Flavoring, unless derived from corn
* Modified Starch or Modified Food Starch, unless arrowroot, corn, potato, tapioca, waxy maize or maize is used
* Vegetable Gum, unless made from carob bean, locust bean, cellulose, guar, gum arabic, gum aracia, gum tragacanth, xantham or vegetable starch
* Soy Sauce or Soy Sauce Solids, unless you know they do not contain wheat

Any of the following words on food labels often mean that a grain containing gluten has been used.

* Stabilizer
* Starch
* Flavoring
* Emulsifier
* Hydrolyzed
* Plant Protein
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I can't figure out how to post to a community from a mobile phone, so I guess this'll have to be my return to LJ post. Hello friends! I hope I've kept up with you through other sites, if not I apologize. Please comment & tell me how your life has been!

Now that my insomnia is officially set in, what a better time to introduce myself!

My name is Jessica & celiac runs throughout my family. I knee
It was only a matter of time until it caught up with me & the day finally came about two weeks ago now. In addition to gluten, I have to avoid lactose, msg, & caffeine. Thankfully, I loooove to cook & already do a lot of gluten free cooking. (I love pretty much all of Aarti Sequeria's recipes on

I'm also a huge sci-fi geek, so this community is particularly exciting!

I've found out what the best frozen gf pizza crusts are, but I'm wondering if you have a favorite homemade gf pizza dough recipe?


Hello LJ land!

Apparently I haven't posted all year, so I suppose it's fitting to post today on aabassplayer and my first wedding anniversary :)

We've had a beautiful day, despite it being hotter this year than last. We went out to a nice breakfast and then purchased a bike for Drew and then took a bike ride down to the pool to chill in the water fora while and now we're heading out for a romantic dinner! Our gift to each other is that we had the front of the house tuck-pointed, which means I can finally re-plaster the inside living room wall and we can entertain again!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Father's day. Thank you to all who were able to join us for our special day last year! We did finally put the professional pictures online and I must say that they are gorgeous :)

Professional Wedding Photos

It sure has been a mighty fine year :)
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Honeymoon Post!

Hello LJ world! I am alive. I'm finally on the mend from a bad case of sciatica and on top of that, we've been re-doing our office so I've had limited access to the internet for the past month. It's worth it though! The office is great, just needs finishing details :)

So I'm back with a long overdue honeymoon post! We just picked up our professional wedding pictures last night (w000t), but those will take a bit to sort through and upload, so I'm starting with the honeymoon b/c those are ready to go.

After our perfect wedding day, we went and relaxed in the 24-hour hot tub and pool at the Marriott (best idea ever!) and then Sunday we flew to San Fran! Travel as fairly uneventful thank goodness. It was my first time west of Missouri, so I was super psyched! We checked into the Sheraton @ Fisherman's wharf and i was pleasantly surprised to find it was a green hotel. (They had recycle bins in each room and only changed the bedding and towels if you instructed them to.) Plus our room was completely retro decor, so I'd bet some of the furniture were salvages pieces.

That night we had dinner at The Franciscan and I had my first bite of crab. We had a lovely view of Alcatraz from the table!

Monday we walked down to Pier 39 and spotted a baby sea lion!!

Then we took a Bay cruise which was absolutey gorgeous.

After returning to the hotel to change, we hopped on the street car and took it down to Drew's Uncle's Brother's bookshop, The Green Arcade. I was totally a kid in a candy store. Drew had to stop me from buying everything in sight! After having a bit of an adventure finding a place to eat we....

FINALLY SAW WICKED!!! And it was spectacular, truly took my breath away!

Tuesday we went on a trolley tour through the city and actually got to take the trolley over the Golden Gate Bridge! (Check out more pics on flickr.)

As a wedding present, Drew's Aunt gave us a gift certificate to her sister-in-law's restaurant, Da Flora. So Tuesday night we had a romantic dinner there with absolutely exquisite food. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that it is one of if not the top meals I've had in my life (and I've had some damn good meals). They hand write their menu every night based on what they were able to find at the market THAT morning! Simply to die for, I can't recommend it enough. (A HUGE thank you to Aunt Biz & Uncle Mike!)

And that completed our whirlwind tour of San Fran. We can't wait to go back.

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  • 05:17 awake :( Being without my wedding ring is really getting me down. Hoping Craigslist has some way for me to make some quick cash. #
  • 15:39 w00t I have a certified copy of our marriage license! Limbo ends tomorrow. #
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  • 10:06 @kohizeri Man those were tasty! Thinking about renting the sno-cone truck again just for fun :) #
  • 10:30 still in limbo and my house is pretty much clean, what to do now? #
  • 11:31 what to do? Help my husband make tasty, tasty crepes! #
  • 11:45 "there was a strong belief in God and firearms - without that, this country wouldn't be here." #
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  • 10:28 feeling so much better than two nights ago! It's hard without my ring (it broke on Tuesday :( #
  • 10:29 ***Calling all St. Louisians*** We're throwing an impromptu "Help us eat cake and fortune cookies" party tonight! Stop by this evening. #
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